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FAQ | lajciksoftware.com


Q: How can I get access to the software?
A: Once the payment has been processed simply go to My Account tab and you will find everything over there! 🙂

Q: Will your software work on Mac?
A: The software needs the .NET Framework 4.0 support, so it works only on Windows, but you can always run a VM on your Mac and it will work normally!

Q: The software doesn’t open, what is going on?
A: If you are using the licensed software the problem is user-sided. All of my software use licensing system which needs admin rights to inject itself, so it will be able to authenticate you later.

Q: Do you provide the support if I will need any?
A: Yes, you can always contact with me if you have got any questions according to my products!

Q: Do you code private projects?
A: Of course I do! Make sure to leave me a message if you want to know more!

Please remember that I do not bite! If you have got ANY questions feel free to keep in touch with me! 🙂